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Writing Projects

My first novel, Little Boxes, is adult magical realism. It’s about Ari Blum who has no idea he is disappearing from the universe.

Content to run the family box-manufacturing business, eat the same lunch every day and watch Sunday morning political talk shows every week – some might think Ari is the saddest guy in North Jersey. But he doesn’t. Ari is comfortable. Except for giving up on that dream, not having any love in his life and his terrible luck with electronics. As his aura fades, his toll pass never works, his cell phone is full of static and he has no knack for turning on automatic bathroom faucets—or women for that matter.

Until the day he meets Sara; the same day his father arrives on the doorstep with a suitcase and a shocking family revelation. Obligation drags Ari from the comfort zone of his local pizzeria to Texas, a new half-brother and a crotchety haunted death mask. Sara seems the least of Ari’s worries but the quirky medium forces the 44-year-old to become a believer of the unbelievable while he transforms himself, his family and his toll pass forever.

Previously Published Stories and Articles:

The Breakout (short story) Strongly Worded Women an Anthology, 2018
Cooking Like My Nonno (PDF) Sauce Magazine, January 2008
Yeowch – Kitchen Disasters Sauce Magazine, November 2005
Olive Oil Sauce Magazine, August 2005
When Food Is Your Foe (PDF) Sauce Magazine, May 2005
Opinion Shaper Provel (PDF) West County Journal, January 21, 2004

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