St. Louis has two beautiful cemeteries – yes, cemeteries – worth visiting. Calvary and Bellefontaine – pronounced bell fountain (go figure) causing our French founding fathers to roll over in their graves every time it’s mispronounced. You can’t see them rolling over but you can visit their elaborate family grave sites.

Both cemeteries have beautiful statues, masoleums and in the fall, bright trees to make the whole walking tour not seem so creepy. They both have graves for famous St. Louisans like Choteau and Busch.

The only differences between the two is Calvary is Roman Catholic and Bellefontaine is currently running a clever ad campaign to encourage visitors.

On a beautiful Saturday in November my writer’s group, Writers Under the Arch, planned a field trip to Calvary. Seemed especially appropriate since it’s the final resting place of Tennessee Williams.

I realize all of this seems odd and probably a little ironic to have a cemetery on my bucket list. But after looking at these pics, I bet some of you will want to visit it too.

(Post on Bellefontaine visit will be posted soon)