I’m excited to relaunch my website and for all of you to follow along on my journey to publishing my first novel. This image seems appropriate for two reasons: the colorful balloons represent all the possible variables I will encounter on the way to publication; the number of balloons represent the numerous steps it takes to get there.

I’ve already completed several steps. The novel is finished, critiqued by partners, and edited by a professional. I have a query letter I like, a one-page synopsis, pitches of varying lengths for twitter or other types of pitch opportunities, and a list of agents to query. I’ll go into more detail about each of these, let’s call them steps 1-10, in coming posts, for today I want to bask in the glow of the new website.

I did get an exciting piece of news last week, I’ve been accepted to be a Highlandtown Arts District Writer-in-Residence for the fall. I will have more details about this residency in a few weeks but sure sounds cool to say “writer-in-residence!”

Onwards and Upwards!